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Since 1989, Kelmar Global has conducted well over 30,000 investigations domestically and internationally. Our investigators and consultants utilize the most effective state-of-the-art methods to achieve unsurpassed industry results for individuals and corporations. We have PI's in all major metro areas and our clients have access to our secure case management system to review the case status.

Security Consulting -- Experience the difference

Kelmar Group has a team of security consultants capable of providing professional and above-average assistance to our clients. Consultants include former federal law enforcement agents and leaders of corporate security. Kelmar Group enjoys the unique position of being large enough to provide the quality and attention our clients deserve while providing high-end results.

Our clients include government agencies, utility companies, grocery and retail, transportation, cargo and shipping, construction, public safety agencies, planned communities and other related entities. With our headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, we have hands-on experience with special issues related to neighboring countries, ports of entry, large cargo movements and influxes of population. Having served client's needs coast-to-coast from Alaska to Miami as well as internationally in such places as Mexico, our consulting services can be tailored for your specific requirements.
Proudly Serving: San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas

PI License #CO5785

Kelmar Global maintains former law enforcement officials and security experts from top private business sectors to assist our clients with the following services:

Services Offered:

  • Background Investigations
  • Child Custody Cases
  • Civil History Searches
  • Computer Investigations
  • Criminal History Searches
  • Domestic Related Cases
  • Due Diligence Searches
  • Financial Loss
  • General Liability Investigations
  • General Security Assessments
  • Hidden Assets Investigations
  • Legal Support/Testimony
  • Location of Witnesses/Skip Traces
  • Medical Malpractice Cases
  • Nursing Home Abuse Cases
  • Pre-Employment Evaluations
  • Product Liability Cases
  • Record Searches/Retrieval
  • Surveillance
  • Transportation and Cargo
  • Video Documentation
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Worker's Compensation Cases


Local: 210-485-1526

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"Kelmar Group initiated an investigation with reference to an alleged injury which an employee claimed occurred during employment. Kelmar Group uncovered information indicating the subject had been injured the evening before the alleged employment injury in a domestic argument. Surveillance also resulted in photographic documentation revealing the subject was actively employed while drawing worker's compensation benefits."

Kelmar & Associates "at Work" The Injured Employee

"A client requested Kelmar Group to spend a week south of Cancun, Mexico trying to get close to a person and prove their general character. Our operatives were able to obtain video and audio tapes of the subject confessing to 19 felonies, offering the investigators drugs, explaining how they smuggled guns and dynamite into Mexico and how he had his truck "disappear" to collect insurance."

Kelmar & Associates "at Work" Mexico--Going Undercover

"A client asked our investigators to determine if her spouse was cheating on her. The first afternoon we conducted surveillance, the subject was followed as he picked up his girlfriend and went to an abandoned house where he parked his truck behind the house. Kelmar Group entered the abandoned house and obtained video of the couple engaged in a compromising position. While uninstalling hidden cameras in the subject's house, investigators found a hidden compartment under the water bed containing 19 fully automatic rifles, 30 cases of ammunition, patches indicating he was a member of a militia, a gas mask and a stock-pile of bottled water & food."

Kelmar & Associates "at Work" Domestic Surprise